John's Mid-week message


I met a family the other day at a funeral visit. They were obviously very distressed at the loss of their father but the thing that held them together was the love they had for each other. When I found this blog it seemed to reflect the love that this family showed for each other.

Love, it seems, is the only thing strong enough to pull us out of the darkness. While love is both tender and kind, it is not to be confused with gauzy sentimentality. No, not love.
Love is stronger than death, fiercer than the grave.
It’s the only thing able to pull us back from the brink of hopelessness, the only thing able to heal our wounds and right our many wrongs.

It’s the ferocity of love—not guilt, not shame, not fear—that draws us to repentance.
It’s love’s firm pull that compels us to walk in forgiveness.
It’s love that gives us the courage to lay down our lives for the sake of another. Without it, we’re clanging gongs or resounding cymbals at best—it’s stronger than any special knowledge or gifts, greater than even hope or faith. 
It’s love that frees our souls from fear, with John writing that God himself is love, and that all who live in love, live in God. It was love that beckoned Jesus from the grave, that dismantled death and all of his friends, and set the world on fire with the upside down ways of love your enemy and your neighbour as yourself.
It’s love, in all of it’s relentless fury, that shows up precisely when we’ve given up. When all the options have been exhausted, & the priest has come in to anoint and to say farewell.
Love shows itself strong, and pulls us back into the light.
The reflection is based on writings of SARAH SCHWARTZ


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